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EPA Annual Conference


In a way of doing things in an exceptionally best way, we plan to held the annual conference of the EPA in a manner reflecting the multi-sectoral nature of the pharmaceutical profession, the importance of all stakeholders, collaborators, as well as sharing our vision to the EPA, the health sector and the nation building effort.



  1. The catch phrase (Theme) of national and/or international significance in pharmaceutical sector will be selected every year.
  2. All players in the Pharmaceutical Sector will have a chance to exhibit their services and products in a hall specially dedicated for this purpose in any format they wish (Audio, Picture, film, material presentation etc…),
  3. Scientific papers selected on excellence shall be presented & discussed
  4. Scientific papers will be presented on almost all subcomponents of the pharmaceutical sector and discussion will be held,
  5. Policy & Regulatory papers shall be presented and discussed in detail,
  6. EPA Specific reports shall be presented and discussions held,
  7. Prizes and rewards shall be awarded to excellent performers in the pharmaceutical sector including major financial contributors to the association’s annual conference.

The target audience for the conference

The conference shall be attended by Members of the association, pharmaceutical manufacturing firms, Teaching institutions, Pharmaceutical import and distributors, various drug outlets, Non-governmental and governmental institutions. About eight hundred people are used to present in the conference.

EPA Annual Conference Themes from 2000 -2008

Please refer to Conferences for more recent conference details.

2008 Pharmacy in the Health Care Delivery System: Past, Present and Future 24-26 July 2008 Ghion Hotel
2007 Maximizing the Role of Pharmacist to Cope-up with ever Changing Health Care Challenges; with special emphasis on HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB and other emerging diseases 23 -25 August 2007 Ras Hotel
2006 Quality of Pharmaceutical Care in Ethiopia: Challenges and Perspectives 14-16 September 2006 Ghion Hotel
2005 Local Pharmaceutical Production: Contributions, Challenges and Future Perspective 29-30 July 2005 Ghion Hotel
2004 Antiretroviral Therapy in Ethiopia : Implementation, Challenges and Future Prospective 30-31 July 2004 School of Pharmacy, AAU
2003 The Role of Pharmacist in the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS 1-2 August 2003 Sheraton Addis and School of Pharmacy, AAU
2002 Focusing on Financing The Health Care 2-3 August 2002 School of Pharmacy, AAU
2001 Resistance Against Antimicrobials: A threat to the health service 1-2 August 2001 Africa Hall, UNECA
2000 A look into the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry in the 21 Century in Ethiopia 23-24 June 2000 School of Pharmacy, AAU