Pharmaceutical Sector Governance for Health & Economic Development of Ethiopia

  • Start time
    06/September/2011 00:00
    End time
    08/September/2011 00:00
    Global Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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  • Executive summary

    A three day conference, from September 6 to 8 of 2011, was held at Global Hotel marking the 31st annual meeting of the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Association (EPA) with a theme of “Pharmaceutical Sector Governance for Health & Economic Development of Ethiopia”. The conference was declared open by the guest of honor, Mr. Abebaw Derso, MOH who just made the opening speech after Mr. Hailu Tadeg’s, the President of Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Association, opening remark.

    An award event followed during which winners of five different awards were given prizes. Winners for special contributor through researches & studies, special contributor by service, received gold medals and certificates while outstanding graduating pharmacists from various schools of pharmacy received trophies from the guest of honor. As well, awards for best hospital pharmacy practice and best community pharmacy practice were given.

    Then series of panel discussions tuned to the conference theme were deliberated.

    The first presentation was on ‘Pharmaceutical Governance in Ethiopia’ by Dr. Epherem Engdawork followed by Mr. Gebremedhin Beedemariam’s research based presentation on ‘Pharmacy work force development & deployment in Ethiopia’. Then, Professor Tsige Gebremariam entertained a presentation on ‘Pharmaceutical sectors contribution for the Economic development of Ethiopia’. Following these presentations, questions, suggestions and comments were heard from the participants and respective presenters responded accordingly.

    Following a lunch break, a presentation on “pharmaceutical sector regulation in Ethiopia” was made by Mr. Abraham Gebregiorgis. ‘‘Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: current status & future prospects’’was the title for the followed presentation by Mr Daniel Ayele. Then, Dr. Negussu Mekonnen presented on ‘The economic implications of Quality Pharmaceutical Services’.Likewise, questions and suggestions were followed from the participants and the presenters went on responding consequently.

    Day Two was mainly of scientific session and in the morning presentations were conducted in two separate sections, concurrently. Section one took place in the main hall where social Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical care research papers were presented while the other section held in the meeting gallery where other pharmaceutical science papers were presented.

    During the morning session, both conference rooms saw six presentations each, concurrently. Conference room one the first being Prevalence of nevirapine resistance in mothers and infants after exposure to single-dose nevirapine to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV-1: a meta-analysis” by Mr. Jemal Mohammed. The next was on “Level of ART adherence and Factors associated with it among ART clients at Health Centers of Bahir Dar city” by Mr. Getahun Sisay and then “Medication errors and contributing factors in the intensive care unit of Jimma University Specialized Hospital, Southwest Ethiopia” was presented by Mr. Asrat Agalu.

    After tea break, presentations continued and Mr. Alemayehu Berhane presented “Assessment of Ward-based Clinical Pharmacy Services In Jimma University Specialized  Hospital : The Case of Internal Medicine” followed by Mr. Mesfin Goji’s presentation entitled “Assessment of emergency contraception provision at Addis Ababa community drug retail outlets: a mystery client study”.

    On the other hand, the meeting gallery hosted a number of presentations similarly. “preparation and evaluation of carboxymethyl enset and cassava starches as pharmaceutical gelling agents for topical preparations” presented by Mr. Tesfaye Gebrie who came first followed by Mr. Mulugeta Fentie who gave his presentation on “Formulation and Optimization of Controlled Release Floating Microspheres of Furosemide from Ethylcellulose and HPMC Polymer Blends” and Mr. Daniel Aregawi’s presentation on “Formulation, optimization and in vitro evaluation of fast dissolving tablets containing taste masked quinine sulphate microspheres”.

    After tea break Gelila Asaminew presented on “Antimicrobial and free radical scavenging activities of anthrone and chromon from the latex of aloe harlana reynolds” and Mr. Adem Yusuf’s presentation on “Wound healing activity guided evaluation and isolation of active constituent (s) from the leaves of Allophylus abyssinicus (hochest.) radlk.” came in quick succession. Following of which was Mr. Biruk Sintayehu presentation on ‘Hepatoprotective and free radical scavenging activity studies on the leaf extracts & a flavonoid isolated from Cineraria abyssinica Rich Exa’.

    The presentations were thoroughly discussed by participants and defended well by presenters.

    In the afternoon session of day two, participants from both conference rooms were merged to in the main conference hall and continuing education proceeded which was on‘MDR-TB’ by Dr.Ahmed Bedri and‘Management of cancer’ by Dr. Bogale Solomon .

    Day three was started early of scheduled time in order to make up for the left over scientific presentations from the afternoon session of day two.  It took place, just like the previous scientific sessions, in two separate venues. Main conference room saw research presentation early in the morning on ‘‘patient price, availability and affordability of some selected essential medicines in Mekelle, northern Ethiopia: a comparative study on the public and private health care facilities’’ by Mr. Mulusew Yohannes

    On the other hand, the meeting gallery held a presentation by Admassu Assen on ‘‘preparation and physicochemical characterization of acid modified cassava starch and its evaluation as direct compressible excipient’’ and ‘‘Assessment of disinfectant and antibiotic resistant bacteria in hospital wastewater, South Ethiopia’’by Mr. Sintayehu Fekadu.

    Soon after the scientific presentations participants, who were attending in separate halls, came together and attended in the main conference hall according to the day three normal schedule. Presentation on ‘‘the integrated pharmaceutical Logistic system (IPLS) and its role in the Pharmaceutical supply chain’’ was the first to be heard presented by Mr. Yared Yigezu’s followed by Mr. Bekele Ashagre’s presentation on ‘‘the role of quantification and pipeline monitoring in implementing a sustainable HIV/AIDS program in Ethiopia’’ and a thorough discussion was held.

    Following a lunch break, business meeting was commenced by Mr. Jiregna Kenea’s presention on ‘the revised constitution’ with a brief emphasis on the revised articles of the constitution followed by Mr. Hailu Tadeg’s executive committee report. Successively, the audit and the editorial board report were presented by Mr. Abdulmejed Abda and Mr. Solomon Tadesse, respectively. Then, the steering committee report was presented by Mr. Teklu Alemayehu.

    After tea break, participants raised different questions, opinions, comments and suggestions and extensive discussion was made before going to electoral process of new executive committee except for the Audit and Editorial committee members, who are endorsed by the house to go on for further two years. In the evening session, a reception and award ceremony was held in recognition of sponsors of the conference.